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46e80cdd-c4b2-49aa-a2be-fcf235078325How much time do you spend sitting in front of your computer trading on an average day? Possibly even “trend trading”? If it’s more than 60 min. there is a good chance you might be wishing you had more confidence in what you were seeing on your charts.  There is no need to sit there all day staring at your screens. We trade 30-60 min. at market open and are usually  finished for the day taking 2 1/2 to 3 points out of the market before turning off the charts. The rest of the day is left then to do as we choose. Work smart, not hard.

The key  to success is consistency, not how many points you can make. Once you have achieved a disciplined emotional AND technical state of consistency it’s just a matter of adding contracts. Just like in Vegas, the longer you sit there, the more likely you’ll give it back. If you want to gamble, Vegas is the better option, at least you’ll get free dinner and drinks. There is no such thing as an acceptable draw down period.  Either you know how to trade or you don’t. If you don’t know how to trade, even elaborate money management skills will do no more than merely postpone the inevitable. You might possibly even induce self sabotage of your account into the array of acceptable solutions.

Stop sitting in front of your charts from market open to market close thinking you are putting in your screen time. Some self proclaimed trading guru started the rumor that 10,000 plus hours of screen time are required before you can see the light. Nothing is further from reality. If you are sitting there all day practicing repetitive clueless garbage, you are more or less chasing your tail and wasting your time. It could take you 20,000 or even 50,000 hrs. if you don’t know where to focus.  Jack of all trades, master of none, doesn’t work well in trading. Garbage in = garbage out. Practice does not make perfect, only “PERFECT PRACTICE” makes perfect. Perfect practice is our path to drastically reducing the learning curve. Implementing and re-training the powers of the subconscious minds disciplinary and structural capabilities are simple tasks when addressed properly.

I would like to invite anyone that has the desire to become a successful trader to register for my “One On One”  November  2015 Tutoring Sessions. There are only 10 total slots available.

Intuition is the most important characteristic that a successful trader needs to develop. The curriculum is designed to simplify the power of comprehension in the markets overall movements to do just that. The market moves in simplistic, systematic patterns for those that are prepared with the knowledge and know what to look for. Gain professional levels of consistency using little known, yet simple and powerful EMini Day Trading Secrets. Implement the precognitive power of the subconscious mind to familiarize yourself with anticipated variables to consistently recognize market moves accurately before they actually happen. Develop your trading  Spidey Sense.

​Focus revolves around fine tuning the TF precognitive awareness pertaining to entries/exits, pivot trading, trend trading, and how to determine which to trade, when, and why. We focus on 4:1 risk/reward strategies and strive for disciplined daily consistency.  Upon graduation, students will be expected to have the ability to double their 5k Demo account trading 1 contract, or a 10k Demo trading 2 contracts, every 4-8 weeks. Practicing Perfect Practice.  Anyone that can’t yet double a demo account comfortably, has no business whatsoever attempting to trade their cash account.

We will be training to use the only real leading indicator available, the subconscious mind. In conjunction, we will be looking at the Macdbb’s, Fibonacci’s, entry and exit bar patterns, and areas. All the market pressures will be covered.  We will go over anything technical that seems to be needed in your trading vision.

​You will be submitting homework  for my review so that I may determine what needs polishing. We will be talking “One On One” with free Skype via headphones and I will be tutoring on your PC via Teamviewer.

The Ninja Trader platform will be used. The Ninja data and charting platform are free for SIM trading and I will set up your platform to match mine.

You will initially be learning how to do historicals (backtesting) “PROPERLY” and then submitting homework so that I may monitor your progress. In later sessions we will be analyzing your live SIM trades. Whatever level you are at, I will do my best to bring you to the next. You will master the following and have the unique

  • Ability to explain and measure the percentage levels – Fibonacci
  • Ability to explain the tradeable patterns with their measurements and Fibonacci targets
  • Ability to recognize when to pivot trade or trend trade
  • Ability to explain the correlation of the MACDBB’s in all time frames at the same time.
  • Ability to correlate and explain every move the Market makes for first 90 min.
  • Ability to trade using the “All The Pressures”.
  • Ability to recognize all the Bar Set-ups within the areas of the home plates.
  • Ability to explain what is about to happen before it happens using your “Precognitive Abilities”.
  • Ability to manage your trading Dom with ease.
  • Ability to explain the correlation of the Power of direction in all time frames at the same time.
  • Ability to demonstrate and do every trade based on technicals.
  • Ability to have total control of “Mind over Matter” and to trade from a sub-conscience level

Wherever you are in this world, with computer and internet. you can learn to do business with the stock market. You can be your own boss and set the hours you prefer with minimal overhead. Consider initiating that early retirement parallel to generating a generous steady income of your own choosing.

I have a passion for doing business with the markets, and a passion for teaching/coaching/tutoring individuals that have the true desire to succeed. If you are serious about your devotion to trading, I am offering an education that will provide for you and your family for many lifetimes to come. What is this education worth to you?

Sessions will be scheduled twice a week Monday through Thursday between 11am and 4pm central time. 24 total “One On One” sessions will be scheduled into a 3 month time period, or choose one of the other options to best suit your needs.

You can start by registering for an invitation to the next opening below, or just send an email with any questions.

    1. Email Horst Below Or Call 1-815-568-0884 (USA)

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